Embrace Brand Sponsorships: 10 Reasons Your Brand Should Sponsor an Event


Leverage the power of collective credibility and real-life experiences with event brand sponsorships. SocialSet is a creative community and co-working studio in Los Angeles that hosts a diverse variety of events, including gallery exhibitions, fashion shows, networking mixers, and film festivals.

With as little as $50 per event, your brand gets exposure to your target audience – unlike other sponsorships that cost $2,000 to $3,000 for a booth. At a SocialSet event, you’ll share sponsorship with only a handful of other sponsors, so that your message is seen and heard – not lost in the shuffle.

From title sponsorships to interactive brand activation booths, discover why brand sponsorships are an effective way to reach a high-quality audience and grow your business.

10 Reasons Your Brand Should Sponsor a SocialSet Event

Social media endorsement and experiential marketing are the new advertising for the modern consumer – and you get both when you sponsor one of SocialSet’s events. The benefits of brand sponsorships can be enormous:

  1. Connect directly through powerful, IRL experiences with a targeted market of social media influencers, photographers, videographers, models, fashionistas, and other creative types.

  2. Expand your brand’s online reach and exposure to socially driven, tech-savvy consumers through SocialSet’s active marketing across social media platforms.

  3. Create goodwill in the local artistic community that strengthens your brand image and generates lasting support. 

  4. Share your brand message via an innovative, aesthetic, and design-driven marketing channel with global reach.

  5. Boost brand visibility across a wide spectrum of audiences who haven’t heard of your business before.

  6. Establish your brand’s identity as a social, artistic, and cultural influence.

  7. Gain new insights into your target market to accurately develop your content strategy and future marketing campaigns.

  8. Identify potential social media influencers to collaborate with and build long-term relationships.

  9. Generate high-quality leads, convert new customers, and increase sales of your product or service.

  10. Free VIP event tickets for your team!

Sponsor an Event & Grow Your Brand with SocialSet

Would you like to know more about SocialSet’s upcoming events that are available for sponsorship? Do you have questions about our creative studio or unique artistic community? We would love to speak or meet with you to explore the possibility of future sponsorship. Please reach out and contact SocialSet today

Brand Activations: Give your customers what they crave: memorable experiences


TAGS: Experiential Marketing, SetDesign, Brand Activations, Immersive Experiences, Los Angeles.

SocialSet partners with brands to concept, design & build exciting branded experiences and environments.

Engage your target audience on a multi-sensory level with a brand activation, the new “word-of-mouth” for the Instagram age. Word-of-mouth has always been the gold standard for effective, but a brand activation increases consumer engagement exponentially by immersing them in a unique, all-encompassing world – the world of your brand. 

“Immersive set design and technology can transport potential customers into a special world, creating a brand experience that’s far more powerful than any banner ad or email chain.”

What is a brand activation? Brand activations are physical events or experiences that allow your brand to directly engage with consumers. They’re also one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences and build a loyal community of fans. 

 Custom builds & art installations by SocialSet.

Custom builds & art installations by SocialSet.

At SocialSet, we know that the best brand activations are clever, easily accessible, and most importantly: memorable. Whether you’re launching a new look, a new product, or an entirely new brand, we can help you create a brand activation that makes a mark.

Why Do You Need a Brand Activation?

Interaction and experiences drive consumer action today, and a brand activation motivates that kind of engagement. They prompt awareness, engagement, and connection through meaningful, real-life moments that motivate consumer action. A good brand activation campaign breathes life into your message, creating energy and forging long-lasting emotional relationships.

Brand Marketing Through Unique Experiences

Original, first-person experiences are the key to successful brand activations. These IRL moments allow consumers to touch, taste, smell, see, and try on your brand as part of their identity to see if it fits. Immersive set design and technology can transport potential customers into a special world, creating a brand experience that’s far more powerful than any banner ad or email chain. Coordinated social media support enhances your message through influencers who feel like friends – not cogs in an institution.

 Foliage “Selfie’ Wall for LA Fashion Film Festival - Built by SocialSet

Foliage “Selfie’ Wall for LA Fashion Film Festival - Built by SocialSet

Partner with SocialSet for Your Next Brand Activation

Tap into your target market at the grassroots level with SocialSet, a creative community of influencers, content creators, and artists in LA. We’re creating long-term relationships between influencers, brands, and audiences through authentic brand activations. 

 SocialSet creates Insta-worthy props for colorful, fun photo booths.

SocialSet creates Insta-worthy props for colorful, fun photo booths.

We build immersive, interactive sets that you can transport to festivals and events to promote your brand – and we can also connect you with hand-picked influencers if you want to take your marketing campaign to the next level.

Interested in launching a brand activation? Please contact SocialSet today to learn more. 

Show Us Your Type: Los Angeles GIF Edition at SocialSet

Explore Los Angeles Through the Lenses of Global Artists

suyt ad image.jpg

How do you see the city of Los Angeles? What would you create to express your vision?

Discover how artists from across the planet answered these questions at Show Us Your Type. It’s the latest installment of a global typography initiative that explores cities through graphic design. Show Us Your Type is an international creative collective whose exhibition series has been showcased in more than 30 cities around the globe, from Mumbai to Moscow and Venice to Rio. 

Now it comes to Los Angeles for one night only for a special GIF edition:

Show Us Your Type 

Saturday, September 29 // 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Presented by SocialSet, Los Angeles Fashion Film Festival & kulturspace

Tickets from $8

Immerse yourself in a world of LA-inspired creativity:

  • Projected GIF artworks

  • Exhibition of 50+ printed posters

  • Open social hour and networking with like-minded creatives to make friends and find new opportunities for collaboration

  • Full access to SocialSet’s new creative concept studio, including Insta-friendly set designs, colorful walls, and co-working space for artists

  • Wine/refreshments

  • Free parking!

Put yourself in the crossroads crux where cities and type meet at SocialSet: Show Us Your Type.

Buy your tickets now!

“A city is very much a character with its own traits. Everyone forms their own opinion, like in real life, based on truth or fiction. It’s this global, yet personal, perception that tends to spark the creativity.” ~ Natalie Long & Lisi Badia, Creators of Show Us Your Type

Discover Emma Westenberg’s Secrets for Creating Viral Videos at The Art of the Fashion Film


Pink bubblegum bubbles. Pink neon lights. Pink donuts, pink grapefruit, and pink pussy pants. Janelle Monae’s iconic video “PYNK” quickly became a viral sensation after its debut, captivating the interwebs with its subtle yet bold creative vision. 

Peek behind the curtains and meet the video’s mastermind, director Emma Westenberg, this Saturday night at SocialSet’s event: The Art of the Fashion Film. 

Buy your ticket now

Represented by HALAL and Paritzan, Westenberg is known for her whimsical, happy-go-lucky aesthetic. The Amsterdam-born, Los Angeles-based filmmaker will be sharing her artistic secrets, including insight about her creative process, how she got started as a director, and tips for collaborating and finding your niche.

She’ll be giving a 20-minute talk after watching a screening of “PYNK,” followed by a Q&A session and then an open mix and mingle with refreshments. Bring your questions – and be ready to connect with photographers, filmmakers, and artists in LA’s vibrant creative community. 

It all goes down this Saturday night (September 15) starting at 6:00 p.m. at SocialSet’s vibrant creative studio.

Meet a true artistic visionary – and learn how to become one yourself at The Art of the Fashion Film. Buy your ticket now! use code “COLLAB” for discounts!

“I love developing a project with other visionaries, musicians, technicians and making this thing in my head come to life.” ~ Emma Westenberg in Milk.xyz

Don’t miss out – grab your ticket now!