SocialSet connects you with new micro-influencers in Los Angeles who are enthusiastic about creating original content.

We connect brands with influencers that are most likely to become your customers, tapping into their audience to motivate organic customer conversions. We survey each one of our content creators to identify their natural interests and purchasing trends. Our enhanced influencer marketing model achieves greater results through better content and better matching between brands and influencers.

SocialSet offers brands online and IRL opportunities to reach new customers and unlock the powerful potential of social media advertising. Sponsored events and branded environments make it easy to reach your target audience.


Benefits for Your Brand:

  • Matching with a carefully curated Social “Set” of influencers that are specifically selected to support your brand goals with authentic messaging.

  • Higher quality content from creators that we personally support with collaboration opportunities, mentorship, and physical space to work.

  • Exposure through a custom environment inside the SocialSet Studio that promotes brand interaction.

  • Sponsorship opportunities at SocialSet’s events and workshops focused on content creation.


Connecting brands and influencers isn’t just a service that SocialSet offers – it’s what we were created to do.

Discover what SocialSet can do for your brand. Contact us online or call 310.560.5998 to learn more about brand sponsorship opportunities and influencer connections!




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