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Social Set, encourages creativity through inspiration. By exploring the many faces of this creative space, creators can enjoy a large, diverse and adaptive setting that can suit the needs of any creative process.

social set location


  • WiFi
  • Natural Light + Skylights
  • Lighting Equipment
  • White Backdrop
  • Sandbags
  • Steamer
  • Wardrobe Rack
  • Kitchen
  • Restrooms w/ Shower
  • Patio
  • Chairs & Tables
  • Plenty Street Parking Space
  • Street level access


Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 7.10.48 AM.png

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A live community of artists, bloggers and creators who are committed to each others success. Connect with Social Set, and experience the the opportunities that present themselves when you collaborate with the LA Influencer scene. By cultivating a supportive community of creators, Social Set has brought together a network of inspiration that encourages growth and originality. Meet like minded individuals that leverage their creativity to shape the Los Angeles landscape. Join the community and get invited to events, open houses, photo shoots and more!


North East Los Angeles