Embrace Brand Sponsorships: 10 Reasons Your Brand Should Sponsor an Event


Leverage the power of collective credibility and real-life experiences with event brand sponsorships. SocialSet is a creative community and co-working studio in Los Angeles that hosts a diverse variety of events, including gallery exhibitions, fashion shows, networking mixers, and film festivals.

With as little as $50 per event, your brand gets exposure to your target audience – unlike other sponsorships that cost $2,000 to $3,000 for a booth. At a SocialSet event, you’ll share sponsorship with only a handful of other sponsors, so that your message is seen and heard – not lost in the shuffle.

From title sponsorships to interactive brand activation booths, discover why brand sponsorships are an effective way to reach a high-quality audience and grow your business.

10 Reasons Your Brand Should Sponsor a SocialSet Event

Social media endorsement and experiential marketing are the new advertising for the modern consumer – and you get both when you sponsor one of SocialSet’s events. The benefits of brand sponsorships can be enormous:

  1. Connect directly through powerful, IRL experiences with a targeted market of social media influencers, photographers, videographers, models, fashionistas, and other creative types.

  2. Expand your brand’s online reach and exposure to socially driven, tech-savvy consumers through SocialSet’s active marketing across social media platforms.

  3. Create goodwill in the local artistic community that strengthens your brand image and generates lasting support. 

  4. Share your brand message via an innovative, aesthetic, and design-driven marketing channel with global reach.

  5. Boost brand visibility across a wide spectrum of audiences who haven’t heard of your business before.

  6. Establish your brand’s identity as a social, artistic, and cultural influence.

  7. Gain new insights into your target market to accurately develop your content strategy and future marketing campaigns.

  8. Identify potential social media influencers to collaborate with and build long-term relationships.

  9. Generate high-quality leads, convert new customers, and increase sales of your product or service.

  10. Free VIP event tickets for your team!

Sponsor an Event & Grow Your Brand with SocialSet

Would you like to know more about SocialSet’s upcoming events that are available for sponsorship? Do you have questions about our creative studio or unique artistic community? We would love to speak or meet with you to explore the possibility of future sponsorship. Please reach out and contact SocialSet today