Show Us Your Type: Los Angeles GIF Edition at SocialSet

Explore Los Angeles Through the Lenses of Global Artists

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How do you see the city of Los Angeles? What would you create to express your vision?

Discover how artists from across the planet answered these questions at Show Us Your Type. It’s the latest installment of a global typography initiative that explores cities through graphic design. Show Us Your Type is an international creative collective whose exhibition series has been showcased in more than 30 cities around the globe, from Mumbai to Moscow and Venice to Rio. 

Now it comes to Los Angeles for one night only for a special GIF edition:

Show Us Your Type 

Saturday, September 29 // 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Presented by SocialSet, Los Angeles Fashion Film Festival & kulturspace

Tickets from $8

Immerse yourself in a world of LA-inspired creativity:

  • Projected GIF artworks

  • Exhibition of 50+ printed posters

  • Open social hour and networking with like-minded creatives to make friends and find new opportunities for collaboration

  • Full access to SocialSet’s new creative concept studio, including Insta-friendly set designs, colorful walls, and co-working space for artists

  • Wine/refreshments

  • Free parking!

Put yourself in the crossroads crux where cities and type meet at SocialSet: Show Us Your Type.

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“A city is very much a character with its own traits. Everyone forms their own opinion, like in real life, based on truth or fiction. It’s this global, yet personal, perception that tends to spark the creativity.” ~ Natalie Long & Lisi Badia, Creators of Show Us Your Type