Discover Emma Westenberg’s Secrets for Creating Viral Videos at The Art of the Fashion Film


Pink bubblegum bubbles. Pink neon lights. Pink donuts, pink grapefruit, and pink pussy pants. Janelle Monae’s iconic video “PYNK” quickly became a viral sensation after its debut, captivating the interwebs with its subtle yet bold creative vision. 

Peek behind the curtains and meet the video’s mastermind, director Emma Westenberg, this Saturday night at SocialSet’s event: The Art of the Fashion Film. 

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Represented by HALAL and Paritzan, Westenberg is known for her whimsical, happy-go-lucky aesthetic. The Amsterdam-born, Los Angeles-based filmmaker will be sharing her artistic secrets, including insight about her creative process, how she got started as a director, and tips for collaborating and finding your niche.

She’ll be giving a 20-minute talk after watching a screening of “PYNK,” followed by a Q&A session and then an open mix and mingle with refreshments. Bring your questions – and be ready to connect with photographers, filmmakers, and artists in LA’s vibrant creative community. 

It all goes down this Saturday night (September 15) starting at 6:00 p.m. at SocialSet’s vibrant creative studio.

Meet a true artistic visionary – and learn how to become one yourself at The Art of the Fashion Film. Buy your ticket now! use code “COLLAB” for discounts!

“I love developing a project with other visionaries, musicians, technicians and making this thing in my head come to life.” ~ Emma Westenberg in

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