What Is a Content Creator, Anyway?

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Are you hearing the buzz and wondering to yourself, what is a content creator, anyway? Content creators are the artists and messengers of the digital age, and they work in a field that will always keep growing. But first, let’s talk about content.

What Is Content?

Content refers to all of the visual and audio material that populates our digital world. It’s all the “stuff” that you experience online, from Instagram fashion pics to Facebook status updates to YouTube video clips. Content expresses a message or even better: it tells a story. And it all has to be created by somebody: the content creator.

What Is a Content Creator?

Content creators are the people who generate all of the original things that you read, see, or listen to online. They can be anyone from a Pulitzer Prize-winning war journalist at The New York Times to a teenage kid posting homemade prank videos. Content creators are writers, photographers, videographers, and graphic designers. 

But the one thing they have in common is this: they produce unique, original creations. They’re not just retweeting other people’s videos or sharing a collection of pictures. They’re making something new – and hopefully, something that is engaging, entertaining, and inspiring. Some of the types of content creators include:

Visual Artists
Graphic Designers
Writers & Bloggers
Fashion Influencers
Online Commentators
Social Media Managers
Website Managers

How Much Do Content Creators Make?

The pay offered to content creators varies intensely. They might work for free or they can earn millions. Harper’s Bazaar reports that Kim Kardashian can make $500,000 for a single Instagram post. But most content creators start out earning very little. Many earn nothing at all at the beginning, because they’re doing it for the love. In fact, if you don’t love photography, or writing, or shooting videos in the first place – you probably shouldn’t pursue this career path.

But if you do truly love to create content – AND if you are determined and willing to work hard – the sky is the limit!

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