How to Network Your Way to Success

Networking is an essential skill for any entrepreneur, and it’s even more important if you’re a content creator or social media influencer.


But networking is much more than schmoozing at parties and business events; it’s building authentic connections and long-term relationships. And it’s about helping others as much as they help you. Learn to network more effectively and you can grow your business exponentially.


6 Smart Networking Tips for Content Creators & Social Media Influencers


1. Identify your goals AND what you have to give. Who do you want to establish relationships with? Brands, collaborators, photographers, videographers, models? What do you have to offer them in return? Be specific and have a clear understanding of what makes you special. 


2. Be genuine. Authenticity is the key to successful creative content and influencer marketing. Don’t pretend to like a product you hate just because the brand offers you a sponsorship. Fans and followers can smell fakeness a mile away.


3. Ask open-ended questions. Brainstorm questions before a big networking event if you have to. Focus on the other person’s needs before your own. Instead of asking what’s in it for me? – ask what’s in it for them?


4. Attend a variety of events with different groups. You might not find your niche right away. Check out different communities and consider the vibe and attitude of each. Do people seem supportive? Optimistic? Energetic? You should walk away feeling inspired.


5. Follow through on connections. Never be afraid to be the first one to reach out to new friends via email or text. Follow them on Instagram and Snapchat. Ask them to meet for coffee to brainstorm ideas. Don’t wait for others to contact you first.


6. Put yourself in places where networking authentically happens. If you’re a musician, go to music shows. If you’re a model or a fashion blogger, go to designer launches. If you’re a photographer, go to photography exhibits. If you’re any of the above – hang out at creative co-working spaces that inspire innovative ideas: like Socialset’s studio. Our colorful, industrial space features paintable set walls, Instagram-friendly set designs, and tons of natural light. 


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