Instagram’s Recent API Changes and How It Affects Influencer Marketing






Instagram’s Tightened Privacy Policy: What Influencers Need to Know

Instagram recently introduced changes that made big waves in the influencer marketing
industry, and it’s crucial for you to understand how it will affect your business goals.

Here’s the Deal with Instagram API Changes

You’ve probably heard that Facebook got into a lot of trouble recently for sharing 87
million users’ private data with Cambridge Analytica, a voter-profiling company.
Instagram is owned by Facebook. In the wake of the data breach crisis, Instagram
overhauled its management of user information by changing its API (application
programming interface). The API is the software system that provides user data to third-
party apps and developers.
Instagram no longer allows apps and developers to read a user’s own profile
information or read public media on a user’s behalf.

This means that influencers and brands can no longer:

  • Access lists of user’s followers
  • Access relationship information
  • Access a post’s “likes”
  • Receive notifications when media is posted

With this highly reduced access to user information, it’s more difficult to analyze users’
demographics and preferences – and to market to them effectively.

What the Altered Instagram API Means for Influencer Marketing

While the changes have created a seismic shift for Instagram influencers, the influencer
marketing industry is young and easily adaptable. Influencers are adjusting their
strategies, converting accounts to business profiles, and expanding their presence on
other social platforms.

How You Can Make the New Instagram API Work for You

1. Stay Calm and Post On
Don’t freak out. Learning how to adapt and be flexible is one of the greatest skills you
can develop in the influencer marketing industry. Rest assured that Facebook can only
stay afloat if it is able to sell data-related ads. The platform is simply finding a new balance between data sharing and privacy, and this API change is part of the growing

2. Diversify Your Social Channels.
You never know when a social network will make changes that affect your business.
Influencers with blogs and followers across numerous social channels were much less
affected than influencers who only posted on Instagram. It’s time-tested advice: never
put all your eggs in one basket.

3. Switch to a Business Profile on Instagram
A business profile will enable you to access metrics on comment moderation and
content performance. To do this, you’ll need to link your Instagram account to a
business page on Facebook.

4. Find Power in Numbers
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